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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  February 19, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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made me question who i am and how i have done the things i did. >> i think everything with him was just a game. he looked at everything like it was a game. for him to win, to conquer. i just don't remember signing up for that game. >> a former porn star now weighs in and another tint to the media circus surrounding tiger woods. good evening, i'm kelly swoope. we'll have more on tiger woods in a moment. but first, a new information on a murder of 65 hannah wheeling. she's the teacher from bel air found dead yesterday. christian schaffer joins us now with more. >> reporter: at the beginning of this investigation, investigators were open to any possibilities that someone came in from the outside of the
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cheltenham facility to commit the murder, that it may have been someone on the staff or one of the young people mo was being detained there. -- who was being detained there. now it seems they've nailed it down to the latter of those possibilities. a 13-year-old teen from the murphy building where that victim worked is responsible for the killing. it looks like we lost the package, but we're going to talk to you in there was the way the investigation is going. the state police are handling this investigation because the murder happened on grounds that are controlled by the state. pg county police are involved with the investigation but it's being handled by the state police and again, what they've done is they've been interviewing all of the staff members working at the time and also the students who live in what's known as the murphy cottage. it's on the grounds much the
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cheltenham facility but it's outside the perimeter fence. it's a less secure facility than the rest of the cheltenham facility. and police have found that no one who was in the more secure part of cheltenham would have been able to get out and be involved in this. they've narrowed it down to the murphy home and now kjla in washington, d.c. is reporting that a 13-year-old from that facility has been moved to another facility because that young boy is the focus of this investigation. and police are questioning him to find out if he is responsible for the murder of wheeling. we're sure to get more details about this investigation as it goes forward. live at state police headquarters in pikesville,
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christian schaffer, abc2 news. investigators are trying to find the cause of a house fire that left one dead in howard county. it happened in columbia. >> we believe that person was the lone occupant but at this point we've not been able to confirm identification and we've not even been able to confirm the gender of the person who died. >> firefighters found the victim in a bedroom. state police want m lawmakers to crack down on drag racing. in february of 2008 eight people were killed during that street racing incident in prince george's county. a proposed bill would offer up to 60 days in prison and a maximum five of $500. tiger woods has been phone for the control on the course and off and his apology today for cheating on his wife carried live by all three networks no less was just as tightly manage as any final round at major. tiger spoke for 13.5 minutes. he took no questions, and
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provided few answers. >> i want to say to each of you simply, and directly, i am deeply sorry for my irresponsible and selfish behavior i engaged in. >> but among those watching tiger was the latest woman to claim a relationship. porn star jocelyn james also has a big named attorney and gloria aldridge was talking today, angry that woods hasn't apologized to her client by name. after winning a gold medal at the olympics, reporters even asked did figure skater lysacek for his reaction to the woods statement. and the tiger woods case shines a light on sex addiction. is it a mental health condition or an excuse. the golfer apologized several times for allegations that he cheated multiple times on his
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wife. after talking to a sex therapyist by this controversial concept of being addicted to sex. >> reporter: many people are skeptical about sex addiction but a local therapist says tiger's behavior points to impulses he couldn't control. trouble is there aren't years of science to support the claims but the therapist believes with help it can be reformed. >> reporter: a super star golfer saying he cheated on his wife repeatedly. after tiger's first public appearance since allegations of multiple affairs surfaced, phone lines lit up on baltimore's 107 the sand with scott and jen. >> i don't think he owes the public anything. >> i he is, you know, curious about wanting to change and get a second chance. >> reporter: tiger admitted to seeking help, but for what he
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didn't say. >> in therapy, i've learned that importance of looking at my spiritual life, and keeping in balance with my professional life. i need to regain my balance and be centered so i can save the things that are most important to me: my marriage and my children. >> reporter: dr. larry fishle treats sex addicts. he said they are often men who can't control his impulses and will have sex with anyone who shows an interest. >> oftentimes the person who is addict the says the sex life with their spouse is great. he may not have felt successful personally so he might have been reafiermd by what he was seeing sexually. >> reporter: they say sex addicts know what they're doing is wrong but they often get caught before they confess. tiger's case has sparked a debate. >> i think people do what they
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can get away with. >> the lengths he went to cover up what he did kind of hints to me that that is part of being an addict. >> i think it's an e-sape to say, oh, sorry, i am addicted. >> reporter:. >> reporter: and doctor fishle draws a clear lines between sex addiction and an affair. addiction simply means sex. he says through therapy tiger woods is most likely taught ways to control his impulses. the woods case may bring about more research in the field. that according to doctor fishle. sheryl corner, abc2 news. so we want your 2 cents on the woods apology. what did you think about it? go to our website,, and there's always room for your 2 cents right there on the
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right-hand side of our home page. well, after our series of winter wallops, uncle sam lends a hand. 8 counties in the state are eligible for federal aid tied to our first huge snowstorm in december. president obama declared a major disaster existed in the state of maryland and ordered recovery efforts. baltimore, harford, and howard counties are among those now in line for federal dollars. and the road crews in carroll county are working overtime to clean up the snow from the recent storm. they have 1,000 miles of rural roads and paths and lanes. there is a jump for preparations for monday aexpected weather mess. >> we're repositioning ourselves for the next event, looks like sunday and monday. >> crews are hoping to take off
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some time this weekend to rest up before getting back on the road late sunday. and howard county has decided its plan to make up for snow days. students will be in class for what has been classed teacher professional days. i think we may need the salt trucks monday night but for the weekend, we're looking at goose add possible. mother nature is going to help to do some snow removal, too, each afternoon. take a look at the satellite and radar, not a cloud in the sky across maryland, pennsylvania, virginia, a very clear night indeed across the mid-atlanta. temperatures now in the mid-30s. dropping a little bit more overnight under the clear sky. winds have died down. right now 10 mile per hour breeze out there, so that's hopeful. overnight, 28 or so. mostly clear skies, a few icy
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spots developing by democratic national convention daybreak because of the refreeze from the melting we had through the day today. through the weekend more opportunities to get the melting, into the 40s again, and we'll talk about the change next week coming up. quick and heroic thinking helped save lives in a suicide attempt into an irs building by a plane. the iraq war veteran used a ladder from his truck to help rescue stranded people. >> i positioned it into the corner against this ledge and against the glass and then i told them, all right, let's go. and this lady was kind of worried about getting out. i said, i got you ma'am, i got you, i can help you out. and let's do it. and she trusted me and me helped me out. >> he helped five people escape. the pilot and another person
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were the two that were killed. well, a man in ohio would rather destroy his home than have the bank foreclose on it. and that's what he did, bulldozing the $350,000 home. this story tops our look at other news from around the nation. you are looking at a home valued at well over a quarter of a million dollars. this is how it looked until two weeks ago. today, it is a pile of rubble. covered by snow. >> when i see that i owe 160,000 on almost a $350,000 home and somebody decided they were going to take it i wasn't going to stand for that so i took it down. >> he bulldozed it on. the bank eventually came after his home after a lien off his carpet store even though he never missed a mortgage payment. first lady obama visited an elementary school today as part
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of a campaign to curb childhood obesity. $400 million in funding to help bring healthy grocery stores to underserved communities. moon shine, illinois, is a good 25 miles from anywhere. but people drive from as far as two hours away for the burgers at the moon shine store. visitors say just finding the place is part of the adventure. the moon shine is their website. you better skip the burgers if you want to take part in this marital mayhem. it's the running of the brides in boston. a chance to grab designer gowns at discount prices. >> always great to watch that. how to get out of debt forever good. how to win back your financial freedom. and the footprints of democracy. hoping to melt more of the
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deep snow around maryland this weekend. 42 today not bad for a friday. 46 was the average and i think we'll get back close to that on sunday. talk about a beautiful weekend and the next storm, all that coming up.
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. tonight we go in search of the fasters, cheapest way out of debt. here's some insider advice that will help get you to financial freedom. >> reporter: the martins are enjoying the fruits of their financial journey but it's a far cry from a few years ago when their credit card balance was high and savings were low. >> we were really bad. we were really, really bad. >> it was the toughest road we had to go down was to get on the same page and agree on where our money was going to go.
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>> reporter: they turned to a program called financial piece university. they learned the skills to pay off their credit card debt. >> we had to get rid of them. >> reporter: they put a strict budget in place and they chose not to touch the equity in their home. but for many it may be the way to pay off high interest debt and student loans. >> it's better to figure that out up front. >> reporter: watching your finances falter is a huge stress but the first step is to take a deep breath. >> what is important for clients to understand is that they have to look at this as a financial decision and not an emotional decision. >> reporter: option one: a home equity line of credit or an helac, you can borrow from the line or pay as you go. you pay no interest on the unused portion of the credit. the interest will be less than most credit cards option two, a home equity loan. the rate will be slightly higher
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than a first mortgage. >> when you get all the money up front and you pay it back over a set period of time, so you make monthly payments that you can afford. >> reporter: gem have three to five years to pay it off. option three, refinance your home. it is an option for people who have $8,000 or more in high interest debt and the money to pay closing costs. >> you can borrow against your 401 k. >> reporter: you'll get the lowest interest rate but have to pay it off quickly, within a 1 to 5 years. >> a stronger place in our marriage than i ever dreamed we would be at. >> reporter: the martins will tell you the view on the other debt-free side is well worth the journey. >> it gives you the opportunity to tell your money what to do instead of your money telling you what you have to do. >> to tap into your financial
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free tom log on to and visit our financial survival guide. there you will find step-by-step instructions to help you weigh your options and determine what may be the best solution for you. and you know, speaking of credit cards, one bank is adding a big c in advance with new rooms that are designed to protect you, and abc2 news john matarese tells us about more recalls that parents need to though about. so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: with the new credit card law officially taking effect next week, banks in greater baltimore and elsewhere are scrambling to raise fees to make up for the millions of dollars they're expected to lose. city after first indicating it wouldn't raise fees is adding a $60 annual charge to many credit cards. many city customers are receiving a letter announcing an annual fee as of april 1st. city should waive the fee if he
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charming more than $2400 a year. but watch out, he expect other card companies to follow suit. more baby products on the recall list because they contain dangerous levels of lead. these fancy baby bracelets and pacifier clips have high lead levels. they were sold by all red designs. throw them away. also burlington coat factories is recalling several different types of children's hooded sweat shirts sold at its stores for the past year. they have draw strings in the hood that violates the law. but if you remove it the sweat shirt is safe. be sure to read any mailing from your bank carefully, lots of changes are coming in the next few week. go to so you don't waste your money, i'm john matarese. . looking good for the
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weekend, huh? >> looking real nice, kelly. and a lot of people talking about what's happening monday into tuesday. we've been tracking that. it still appears to us to be a rabe/snow mix which is going to hold accumulations down quite a bit. >> not the 20 to 30 that are tlsh. >> there are crazy things circulating around on line so if you caught a warning notice, we don't have any warnings or watches for this thing on monday. >> great weekend, melting off what's fallen which is more than plenty, right now. let's take a look outside right now. temperaturewise, 36 right now at bwi. still above freezing. winds out of the west at nine. boy, they've been gusty at times, from 30 to 40 at times today. one other nice thing, a nice night in the city, but just blue skies. i could have picked any of our exclusive weather bug cameras anywhere in the state you would have seen the same thing, blue skies. and a little bit of that snow finally beginning to melt down which is a nice thing to see.
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42 is our guaranteed forecast today, that is where we ended up. tony dorssey is our winner today. low 40s in terms of high temperatures across the state. maybe add a degree or two to these for tomorrow. sunday, mid-40s. winds have been powerful at times today but at the top of the hour only dulles reporting a wind gust over 10 miles an hour. our current temperatures again, down to mid-30s. we'll continue to see these drop another 6, 7 degrees, probably in the high 20s before sunrise. not a frigid night, though. all clear across the mid-atlantic. jersey is clear, pennsylvania,
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virginia, west virginia, all looking good. and that's going to continue to be the case right into the day tomorrow. and i think for most of the day on sunday, though a few clouds may creep in on sunday evening. watching this disturbance back up across iowa, light snow, rain mix with snow. back up into indiana. that's what we're going to see on monday. that disturbance will fizzle out. high pressure will keep us dry and sunny through the rest of the weekend and the winds will die in as we work into the day on saturday and certainly into sunday. but you can see that change in the weather pattern here. take a look at the upper midwest, highs in the mid-30s, yet here we were 50 in richmond, 42 in baltimore, and 60 degrees south and west. next storm, timing wise this will develop and move across the western united states. through the weekend we'll be clear here, rain/snow mix as we go on monday. all clear right through the day on sunday. it's monday into tuesday we'll
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be watching for a wintry mix and maybe some icy conditions. so, 28 tonight, mainly clear, looking great on your saturday. much the same on sunday. lots of sunshine. tomorrow night and saturday night, get out there and take in the city, man, aim telling you it's going to be a good night. 27. weekend forecast, pleasant, low 40s, next storm monday into tuesday. it could start as early as monday morning. it's monday night when there might be an icy mix. watch that. >> the white stuff turned into one man's medium for a serious message. in front of the state house in columbus, ohio, he used his footprints to carve out the words "people house." he says there's no political message here, just a reminder for the public that the state house actually belongs to them. we'll be right back. with the verizon fios multi-room dvr,
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. this is joe platonia with your press box sports report. maryland is one game thiend duke in the loss column atop the acc the yellow jackets are in the middle of the pack. the oriole spring training camp has been going for a few days. brian roberts is suffering from back spasms not kidney stones as has been speculated. lee will head into an uncapped season. there would be eight ravens classified as unrestricted free
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agents, like mason and washington. loyola opens up at navy at noon tuesday, virginia travels to mount saint mary's. hey, there's canadian kirsten, the new girl.
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. all right, one last check of a very pleasant weekend forecast, kelly. low to mid-40s through sunday. sunshine, melt that snow. but as we go into monday and tuesday, looks like a rain/snow mix. a lot of cold rain monday. monday night we could get ice. >> enjoy the pleasant before you worry about the winter. >> take in the sunlight. >> have a great weekend. thanks for joining us.
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